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Lynne Adams Barzé is an accomplished fiction author, writer, and poet, currently living in Picayune, Mississippi. Her stories span the genres of science fiction and the paranormal. Make this exciting new author your first choice when purchasing books online.

ALERT! NEWEST RELEASE "Again and Again and Again" is on the shelf and on line now!

Delve into Mystery and Suspense:

"The Conjuror's Collector". Susan Alcock was one of the most eccentric and intriguing long term residents of  "The Diamond Dance Club, Hotel Rooms & Suites". She had gone through many dangerous trials to make the restored Art Deco building her new home. As the Golden Conjuror's protégé it was frightening, but also invigorating.

The Conjurer's Collector

Again and Again and Again

Is there such a thing as reincarnation? Do we live existences over and over again?
Most would say, one life’s all we get. However, some believe you keep coming back until you get it right. And there are those who think it blasphemous to even speak of the possibility.
Well, Earl, and Eugenia, and Emmitt, and Everett, and Eunice might call you on any of those thoughts. They are all inhabited by one spirit, yet they each are quite different.

The Ohualuans (Oh-haw-lu-ans)

Their ships stranded them on an island. Their people found them on a mountain. The chase was relentless. The future depended on retrieval. But the baby had to be found.

Ohualu Pursuit: Sequel to The Ohualuans

Everyone knew the story was unbelievable, but true. NASA was on edge, the Air Force was on guard, the United States was on high alert, and the world was terrified. Who or what had been watching the Earth? Where had they come from? Where had they gone? Would they return? A plan had to be worked out, yet the innocent had to be protected and there was great hope for the future. Keep your heads down and your eyes up.


Through the twisting, raveling mind of this author, you are taken into three explosive topics in the thoughts of today's conscious-minded community: child abuse, abortion, and dog fighting. During the investigations of a dedicated police detective and his mysterious, faithful partner, you will travel within broken minds. You will not be distracted by these topics, but intrigued by the crimes they invoke. Live through the detectives' eerie partnership as they solve ghastly events. "Two or more, that's how we score."

Spirits with Love

Lizette Elida Caire sensed her ability to communicate with those who have gone beyond, but feared the consequences. She spent her whole life denying her gift. But those who have passed need her help with the worldly things they loved most. And the spirits of the paranormal world will not be denied any longer.

Diamond Dance Club and Hotel: Rooms and Suites

The Diamond Dance Club was an Art Deco period favorite. The owner, Diamond Stone, had a salacious appetite for voyeurism, and her lewd customers were eager to dance their way into her favor. They enjoyed it all so much that they have lingered to please her, even after decades of public abandonment. Do you dare to stay at the Diamond Dance Club and Hotel Rooms and Suites today?

Life with Ethereal Visits

The novel titled Life with Ethereal Visits, covers real-life encounters with ghosts, spirits, and her guardian angel. Walk through
Alga's paranormal life.

A Concerned Citizen

Oliver couldn't stand by and just let crime happen, not when he had the skills to do something about it. He works with his K9 partner to bring perps down.

Revenge & Perseverance: The Worst and Most Lethal DNA The World Could Ever Imagine

A village is marauded by a ruthless gang of deserters during World War II. The village never gets over its need for revenge to right a terrible wrong, even if it takes more than half a century, multiple generations, and thousands of miles to get it done.

New Release

The latest and ninth book by Lynne Adams Barzé titled "Again and Again and Again" is on shelves now.