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Short Stories

R.A.M. Revenge, Adultery, Murder – New Erotica Short Story

A philandering man goes to bed with his secretary and wakes up in bed with his wife.

R.A.M Revenge, Adultery, Murder, Short Story

Talking Yeow

A cute short story in which Brutus, a 23lb Bobtail Cat, startles his owner by letting her know he can talk.

Talking Yeow, Short Story


This short story is about an elderly couple who take in an old cat, not knowing the black cat has come to help them.

Jett, Short Story



We start a path the day we are born,
Whether we walk in sunshine or storm.
If we are blessed we are given a hand,
To have by our side a good woman or man.

For some the path is smooth as glass,
For others, it’s more like walking on wet grass.
But God never gives us too much to heed,
He helps us find the strength that we need.

We hold on to our partners as the years pass,
We pray with each other at Sunday Mass.
Supporting each other as we stare into eyes,
That know one day will be making goodbyes.

So we hold on to each other hard as we can,
Not even relinquishing to the Most High Man.
Time will pass and we always join again,
When Jesus calls us to Himself in Heaven.
Lynne Adams Barze

April 16th, 2017