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Your books are so intriguing. They make you keep turning page after page because you are so pulled into the story.

Milly B.

My wife convinced me to read Lynne's first book, 'Revenge & Perseverance'. I planned to read it during my breaks. I soon found myself looking forward to my breaks more than usual. Now I can't wait to get hold of each one as Milly finishes it.

Jim B.

Your books are real page turners. I excitedly read each the first time, then read the book again more slowly to pick out all of the nuances and vernacular innovations you deliver. Your historical references make me think. I liken your style of writing to Alfred Hitchcock, honestly.

Mr. Fendlasend

"I found the book suspenseful and it confirmed my personal belief that some houses I have visited could possibly be haunted.  I found the telling of Alga's experiences to be quite believable. Thank you for telling about Alga's life. It took courage to do that."

(Life With Ethereal Visits) Ms. Milly Burge

"The book was so enthralling. The chapters kept you guessing throughout. I felt for the victimization of the main character, yet he developed so much heart for his community beyond concern for his own safety. Please keep writing. I thoroughly enjoy your novels."

(A Concerned Citizen) Ms. Milly Burge